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May 1, 2017 Wood Pallets

Make a Creative Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets – Step 1: Cut, sand and complexity. Here, the cross-cut jolt that helped the same length piece is simply a circular saw! we have a lot of pieces of the same length. This is the jolt we Makita circular saw and cuts into pieces 1.5 “thick. It’s very easy to make, but there are many considerations blade cutting depth, the more gaps in the chain saw when you slide along the guide.

Amazing Wooden Pallets

Amazing Wooden Pallets

Step 2: Stain the wooden pallets. Imitate tropical hardwood, I did spot with diluted acrylic paint. Store-bought stain will work, of course, try to look for non-toxic too, would ya?  Step 3: Create a stencil. It’s really easy and fun to create your own templates! If you want the pattern you see here, I used the files to download at the end.

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I  used Grafix clean Dura-Lar film that stencil and a Silhouette Portrait cut them – but it’s easy enough to cut with an X-acto knife. Step 4: Paint it! I used acrylic paint, but the lasting exterior paint will do! A small smudge here and there is okay. There is thus a damp towel handy to wipe the bugs, or leave them and unparalleled beauty! My wooden pallets done.

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