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May 4, 2017 Wood Pallets

Pallet Shelves for Kitchen

Pallet shelves is one rack design that is perfect for you who enjoys theme of contemporary rustic theme, both in use for at home or in a place where businesses such as cafes and others. Created from the former pallet, most of the examples in this article design retains texture and color palette. It is simpler than previous designs hanging rack design is indeed more fitting appeared sober.

Pallet Shelves Cad Models

Pallet Shelves Cad Models

Typically the former pallet used on most elements of the interior is a pallet with pine wood imported for reasons of wood texture is very artistically on the design it appears that with simple wood pallet shelves it still looks elegant and charming. In addition to bottled bottle shelves indeed this is addressed as well as a photograph and the other place.

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Unlike previously, the tendons pine wood pallets on this design perfectly exposed, interesting is not it? It was made of wood is perfect, although in some cases these materials are often temporary or provisional because it is quite fragile and easily eaten by termites. For something that is prepared on pallet shelves the long-term need special treatment in using anti-termite wood or the like or by coating with epoxy material.



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